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Scholarship recipients may be required to maintain standards of progress and attendance. For more information see the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Scholarship Recipients.

High School Seniors:

Scholarships for our high school seniors who will graduate from high school in 2018 will be posted here soon!  Please check back!

Applications for scholarships for our 2017 high school graduates are no longer available and all scholarship recipients have been selected. Following graduation from high school, students may submit applications for any of the scholarships posted below under Adult Students or External Scholarships.

Additional scholarships may be available and will be posted here. Please check back!

Recipients of tuition waivers and scholarships for graduating high school seniors (including but not limited to the BATC Scholarship, the BATC Presidential Scholarship, and the Career & Technical Education Tuition Waivers) are expected to begin training at BATC within one year of graduation from high school. Scholarships may be held for a later start date for students who wish to serve church missions or who may be involved in military service beginning within that year following high school graduation, who would like to begin training at BATC immediately following their service.  These students must contact the BATC Financial Aid Office within one year of high school graduation to notify BATC of their plans, request the tuition waiver/scholarship be held, and have the date the student must enroll and begin using the scholarship determined. BATC’s Summer FREE START Scholarship may not be held.

Adult Students:

  • The BTC Scholarship (for adult students) is available to students currently enrolled in a Bridgerland Technical College certificate program or to students who have completed admissions and have a confirmed start date. This award waives tuition up to $1,000. Recipients selected on the basis of both merit and need.
  • The Gene Haas Scholarship is available to current BATC CNC Machining program students, as well as incoming students with a confirmed start date in that program. An initial scholarship may be assigned on the basis of merit with an emphasis on students’ aptitude and motivation to successfully complete training. This scholarship may be renewed so long as recipient continues to demonstrate progress at a motivated rate.

Other scholarships/waivers for adult students may also be available throughout the year. Students are encouraged to check back here just prior to and throughout their enrollment for scholarship opportunities. Paper applications and information are also available at the Financial Aid Office.

External Scholarships:

External Scholarships may be available to high school seniors and adult college students from sources not affiliated with BATC. Application processing, recipient selection, prize awarding and scholarship terms are the sole discression and responsbility of the company or organization offering the award. Should you choose to participate any agreements, commitments or contracts are between the applicant and the company or organization and in no way involve BATC. External Scholarship application information is posted here only as a courtesy. You should not have to pay a fee for any scholarship application. If you are asked to pay a fee in association with any of the scholarships posted here, it is recommened you terminate the application and notify the BATC Financial Aid office. Any questions, suggestions, complaints, comments, or appreciations should be directed to the company or organization offering the award.


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