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Special Function/Basic Correction Officer (1st Block): The training provides an excellent foot-in-the-door approach to a law enforcement career. Areas of study include legal subjects, patrol and criminal investigation procedures, arrest control techniques, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)/First Aid. Successful completion qualifies students to apply to work as a correctional officer in any county jail or state prison facility and become qualified to enter the Law Enforcement Officer training portion of the academy.

Law Enforcement Officer (2nd Block): In addition to enforcing laws, police officers are primarily responsible for protecting lives and property. Upon successful completion, students will be prepared to respond to calls, conduct traffic stops, issue citations, arrest suspects, investigate domestic issues, write detailed reports, patrol, give first aid to accident victims, and more. Highly qualified instructors provide professional experiences that bring the topics to life – taking students from the traditional classroom and providing real world, hands-on training.

Most major law enforcement departments require completion of this training before consideration for employment. Enrollment is limited to those individuals who have successfully completed the Special Function Officer Training.

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Quick Facts:


West Campus (Logan)

Estimated Tuition & Fees:

Law Enforcement Officer: $2,000
Special Function/Correction Officer: $1,400. Course fees may vary.


10 months

Estimated Monthly Payment:

Call (435) 753-6780 for details.

Pell Grant Eligible:


Estimated Books and Supplies:

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High School Students: Not Available

Adult Students: M - Th: 6pm - 10pm

Special Function/Correction Officer (First Block): Begins in January
Law Enforcement (Second Block): Begins in July

Special Requirements:

Students must be 21 years of age or older at the time of entrance, pass a background investigation, and have a high school diploma or GED.

Assessment: Basic reading, basic math, grammar, and writing. A $35 assessment fee will apply. A study guide may be obtained from the BATC Bookstore or accessed online here. Take a practice test here. Once the student has cleared assessment, he/she is eligible to register and will receive instructions on how to complete a background investigation. Assessment is offered specific dates from April to October.

Applications due no later than Nov. 1.

During training, students are required to wear a police academy approved uniform and physical fitness uniform. The uniforms can be purchased at the BATC Bookstore. Students also must purchase a course manual and other equipment, which is in addition to tuition. This information will be provided to the students.

Outcome Data:

Reported Annually to the Accrediting Agency Council on Occupational Education
Completion: 90%
Job Placement: 91%
Licensure: 100%
Certification required - Peace Officer Standards Training / Utah Department of Public Safety
Withdrawal: 10%

Outcome statistics are compiled annually based upon Training Outcome surveys conducted with students post-graduation. Data is gathered through coordination with the student, faculty, Student Services Office personnel, and licensing agencies.

Employment Outlook

Duties and daily activities will vary by local, state, or federal agencies. The continued demand for public safety makes employment steady, interesting, and rewarding. The higher the population, the more job opportunities will be available. Individuals who are bilingual, female, have miliary experience, and/or seek additional education are highly sought after. Due to retirement and turnover, layoffs are rare.

Online/E-learning Components

This specialization is delivered face-to-face and may contain online components.


Required hours

PBCO - Basic Corrections Officer 185 hrs See Breakdown
PSFO - Special Function Officer 210 hrs See Breakdown
PDIS - Emergency 911 Dispatcher 40 hrs See Breakdown
POST - Law Enforcement Officer 330 hrs See Breakdown

What others are saying

"I have and will continue to employ BATC Police Academy graduates. I have great staff who have come from your school. Thanks for all you do!"

-Sheriff Dale Stacey, Rich County Sheriff’s Office

July 22, 2014