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Designed to teach fashion business, marketing, promotion, textile fibers and construction, fashion styling, visual merchandising, and sales. Work with an excellent teaching staff who are industry professionals and emphasize hands-on instruction in an environment that allows you to explore your creativity. Fashion can be broken down into five main categories: manufacturing, designing, wholesaling, retailing, and promotion. The program prepares students to enter the job market as a retail salesperson, retail manager, visual merchandiser, personal stylist/image consultant, costume technician, or textile specialist, to list a few.

Students have the opportunity to plan and direct full-scale fashion shows the program semi-annually produces!

Quick Facts:


Main Campus (Logan)

Estimated Tuition & Fees:

$2,083 - this is an estimate. Course fees may vary.


8-9 months (30 hrs/wk)

Estimated Monthly Payment:


Pell Grant Eligible:


Estimated Books and Supplies:

$556 - Cost varies by specialization and/or electives chosen. Textbook details (ISBN/edition) are available to registered students through the online student portal.


High School Students: Arranged - varies by school

Adult Students: M - F: 8am - 2:30pm

Special Requirements:

Assessment: Basic reading, basic math, and measurements. Call (435) 750-3188 to schedule an appointment. Need a review? Get a sneak peek at the Assessment Center or enroll directly into the Academic Learning Center by calling (435) 753-6780.

Please note: A composite ACT score of 17 or a composite SAT score of 1210 can waive assessment requirements if taken no more than four years prior to enrollment.

Outcome Data:

Reported Annually to the Accrediting Agency Council on Occupational Education
Completion: 83%
Job Placement: 100%
Withdrawal: 17%

Outcome statistics are compiled annually based upon Training Outcome surveys conducted with students post-graduation. Data is gathered through coordination with the student, faculty, Student Services Office personnel, and licensing agencies.

Gainful Employment Disclosures

Employment Outlook

Fashion is one of the largest employers in the world and provides countless career opportunities. Fashion is competitive, challenging, creative, dynamic, and constantly changing with lots of opportunities to move up the corporate ladder. It is one field that can employ people from just about any background. For example: love English, research or writing? Become a fashion editor or reporter. Great with math and numbers? Become an account manager or buyer. If computers are your thing, generate computer aided patterns, apparel, or textile designs. If you are intrigued with chemistry, enjoy an exciting career creating new fibers and textiles or developing cosmetics, fragrances, and skin care products. No matter what field you plan to pursue, the skills that you develop in fashion can contribute to your personal success.

Online/E-learning Components

This specialization is delivered face-to-face and may contain online components.


Required hours

FASM - Fashion Merchandising 1050 hrs See Breakdown
FASR - Retail Sales and Management 960 hrs See Breakdown

What others are saying

"BATC is great! It works with my full-time work schedule and I’m developing skills that enhance my value in my career."


July 22, 2014