General Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a program cost? Can I make payments? Are all of the tuition and fees due upfront?

Most programs take about one year to complete. Students register and pay tuition quarterly (every three months). Students can make payments throughout the quarter on their tuition, but the current quarter needs to be paid before they can attend and register for the next quarter.

What about books?

Most programs do not have you pay for all of the textbooks you will use or need up front. They have you buy them throughout your program. Textbooks vary from each program. Please see the information on the individual program page for the book costs.

When can I start?

BATC is open year round. Most programs are open-entry, you can start the program at any time as long as there is space available in the program. Because of demand, some programs have waiting lists to get in to the program. Please contact Student Services for information on those programs with waiting lists and defined starting dates.

What are open-entry/self-paced, competency-based courses? Is there a teacher in class?

Open-entry/self-paced courses are individualized and available for registration any time if openings exist. Your experience at BATC may be different than any other educational experience you have had. The "hands-on, competency-based" approach to learning at BATC has been proven to increase knowledge, understanding, personal motivation, and career success. If you understand the purpose of the instructional methods used at BATC, your education experience will be more successful and enjoyable. You may notice instructional differences from the traditional classes you may have taken in the past. Instructors do not just lecture and students do not just take tests. With our "hands-on, competency-based" instruction, learning occurs by working through modules designed to help you master not only the program material but also the art of how to learn. With these modules you will be given verbal and/or written instructions and then you will work on textbook readings, assignments, video/audio clips, hand-on activities, demonstrations, etc. to help you gain a greater understanding of the subject. While you work through this learning process, your instructor is there to provide feedback and guide your thinking to help you find the answer. Think of your instructors as personal tutors when you can?t seem to find the answer or don?t understand a concept.

Is there financial aid?

BATC participates in a variety of assistance programs that aid students in covering the costs associated with enrollment in full-time preparatory programs. The Financial Aid Office is located at the main campus, 1301 North 600 West, and can provide information for grants, scholarships, waivers, and VA education benefits. BATC does not participate in or endorse any loan program.

When are classes taught?

Most programs run Monday through Friday from 8 am to 2:30 pm. Some programs do offer their programs in the evening, which generally run Monday through Thursday from 5 pm to 9 pm. Please refer to the catalog for specific times for the program you are interested in enrolling in.

What hours is the Student Services office open?

Our office is open Monday through Thursday 8 am to 5 pm and Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm.

Do you offer job placement? Do you guarantee me a job when I complete my program?

Our programs are based on the job forecasts and employment opportunities received from the Utah Department of Workforce Services and businesses in the Bear River Region. Our instructors work with and have great contacts with local employers and will assist you in finding opportunities to apply for jobs related to your program, but actually landing the job is up to you.

To enroll in an apprenticeship program do I need to be employed before I can begin?

Electrician and Plumbing Apprentices are allowed to attend the first quarter of training without Employment but must be registered and licensed through the State of Utah before continuing past the first quarter.