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Graduates Recognized in Utah Senate

Posted By: Kiwi

Three Utah College of Applied Technology (UCAT) graduates were recognized on the floor of the Utah Senate by Senator Karen Mayne (D-SL) in support of nontraditional workplace skills – particularly for women in trade careers. The three graduates recognized were Isabell Navarro (BATC - pictured here), Lauren Sprott (OWATC) and Paul Kristensen (OWATC). Each graduate illustrated a different educational “pathway” from applied technology to their current employment.

Upon losing her job when La-Z-Boy closed its doors in Brigham City, Navarro considered several options before enrolling in the Heavy Equipment Operator Program at BATC. Now employed as the first female heavy equipment operator at Nish Rock in Garland, Navarro loves her job. “My mom can drive an excavator!” said Navarro’s 3-year-old son. “I want to be just like my mom!”

After receiving training in fork lift operation at OWATC, Sprott decided to continue her education and earned her bachelor’s degree in construction technology at Weber State University. However, upon graduation, she couldn’t find a job; so, she decided to re-enroll at OWATC and study welding. “I spent four years at WSU and couldn’t get a job. I spent five months at OWATC and I found a job,” said Sprott. She said the biggest difference was that her instructors at OWATC really cared about her and were instrumental in helping her find employment. Sprott has worked as a welder for Barnes Aerospace and Chromolox.

Kristensen wasn’t initially interested in a traditional college education, so he decided to enter the electrical program at OWATC. After working as a journeyman electrician for 10 years, he decided to further his education at the University of Utah where he received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Kristensen said that his initial education at OWATC and his previous hands-on experience were instrumental in helping him complete his degree and secure new employment at Rocky Mountain Power in smart-grid technology.

“I am very impressed with UCAT’s dedication and training in meeting the needs of today’s job market,” said Dale Cox, Political Coordinator for Operating Engineers Local No. 3. “I’ve been involved with apprenticeships for 30 years and training is essential to what goes on in the workplace.” Cox is a member of UCAT’s Board of Trustees, appointed by the governor to represent union trade organizations.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, training offered by UCAT that would be considered nontraditional fields for women are programs in construction trades, industrial trades and transportation. Currently, 741 female students represent approximately 8 percent of the total students enrolled in what would be considered nontraditional programs at UCAT. The highest numbers of women are enrolled in automotive (130), welding (125), carpentry (121), cabinet making (89), and composites (72) technician programs.

Cody John

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

BATC Graduate Accepts Senior Engineering Position with Microsoft

Program: Information Technology

Graduating from Logan High School with a very high GPA, Cody John could go practically anywhere. After considering many other education and career options, he chose to enroll at Bridgerland Applied Technology College in the Information Technology Program. “I just always wanted to be a propeller-head,” he said of his choice. After only 18 months of training at BATC, his skill set qualified him for an exciting career at in Salt Lake City as a Windows System Engineer.

Cody entered the workforce earning nearly three times the salary of an entry-level school teacher. He was quickly promoted to Network Engineer and then Security Engineer. Cody’s training and abilities identified him early in his career as a strong IT professional, as companies like and Microsoft® vied for his talents. Cody and his wife Laci recently announced Cody accepted a highly coveted position as Senior Network Services Engineer with Microsoft® Corporation in Redmond, Washington.

Scott Layne, Electrician Apprentice

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

"I am able to work a full-time job while attending class, and still have time for my family!"

Scott Layne

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

Program: Electrician Apprentice

"I am able to work a full-time job while attending class, and still have time for my family!"

Bald & Beautiful

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

When a member of our BATC family recently received treatment news involving the word chemotherapy, six other amazing individuals touched the heart of another by voluntarily shedding their locks to prove – bald really is beautiful. How we communicate with others and with ourselves directly determines the quality of our lives, and it is from the deepest part of our hearts that we are capable of reaching out and touching another human being. For us, this was just about one heart touching another. God speed, Kerri, for a full and rapid recovery!

A very special thank you to Mandilyn Zehna for her compassionate hair care and to Heather Waegner (AYA Photography: for capturing this magical event.

“What lies behind you and what lies before you are small matters compared to what lies within you.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson