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Megan Gillies

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

Program:Medical Assisting

Employment:5 Minute Clinic

Education:Hoping to start the PN Program at BATC Fall 2013

“I really enjoy the fast-paced, be-quick-on-your-feet pressure of the medical profession. It’s just one of the reasons I love being a medical assistant at the 5 Minute Clinic, an urgent care facility in the south end of Cache Valley. I use all of the skills I developed at BATC on a daily basis; checking in patients, handling payments, taking vitals, performing blood draws, doing x-rays, and helping with stitches. I manage the front desk as well as care for patients. In this profession you need to be ready to handle any situation. BATC helped me prepare for the fast-paced career I now enjoy,” says Megan Gillies.

Megan grew up in Wellsville, Utah, and graduated from Mountain Crest High School where she took a variety of health science courses including anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology. Additionally, she earned her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certificate at BATC as a high school student. “I worked hard to get a few of those classes out of the way and under my belt.” Megan attended beauty school after high school graduation, but decided to return to the health care industry. “I really enjoy and seem to thrive on intense situations, the emotional rewards of helping people, and I don’t mind blood or gore at all!"

Megan is a single mom with two little boys. She enrolled in BATC’s Medical Assisting program in August of 2011 and completed the program in one year. “She worked very hard and was a great student!” exclaims instructor Kandice Maughan. “Megan did her externship at a new facility called the 5 Minute Clinic. They hired her immediately upon completion of her externship!”

“For me, it’s all about my little boys,” says Gillies. “I want to give them the very best life I can. It hasn’t been easy, I had a lot of doubts, and I wasn’t sure I could manage everything that was on my plate. It’s paid off though, and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. BATC’s self-paced curriculum and flexible scheduling made it possible for me to certify as a Medical Assistant."

Megan is currently working on her prerequistes and plans to enroll in the Practical Nursing program at BATC in the fall of 2013. “After that, I am going to get my RN degree,” proclaims Megan. Her ultimate goal is to continue in urgent care either as an ER or delivery nurse. “I have a lot of school ahead of me, but know I can do it!”

Doug Fullmer

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

Doug tells his story...

"A while ago I dropped my daughter off to her car at the north BATC parking lot. It was significant as I saw her following in a similar path I had taken twenty years before. I never intended to follow through with a career as an EMT, but took the course to gain some knowledge for myself and my small family. The EMT course was informative, exciting, and motivating. It launched me into a full career as a Paramedic Firefighter with the Logan City Fire Department.

I had previously worked as an apprentice plumber, and eventually arranged my schedule to attend plumbing school to become a Journeyman plumber while simultaneously working at LFD.

Both courses were worthwhile and enabled me to provide a significant income for my family. I would encourage anyone wondering how to better their life to make an investment in your future by taking the time and dedicating oneself to increasing your skills. It may not be easy to divide your limited time with your friends or family to take a course at BATC today, but it will allow you to have more time with them in the future by increasing your knowledge and skills in a career you enjoy."

DID YOU KNOW? 97 percent of BATC EMT/AEMT students who took the state certification test PASSED! Learn more about starting your career in Emergency Services here.

Lori Ellwood

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

“Hey, I think I’ll do Drafting!” announced Lori to her husband while attending the Job Fair/Tech Expo at the Bridgerland ATC campus a few years ago. Lori had always thought about returning to school and having a career, but wasn’t actively pursuing either that day. “I met with the instructors and something just clicked. I could see that BATC was a great way to get an education and develop valuable skills that would make me employable in a short amount of time. I still had children at home, but the flexibility BATC offers students was great with my demanding family life, and so I enrolled.”

“I attended class three days a week, could still volunteer in my kids’ school classrooms, and be home with the children when they were sick or really needed my help or attention. I couldn’t have done this at another institution,” declares Ellwood.

Lori first completed a certificate in Architectural Drafting, then determined she would also benefit from having the Mechanical Drafting skills. While in school Lori further sharpened her craft by getting involved in some free-lance work that included drafting plans for a new gift shop at the Logan Zoo, a strip-mall retrofit for a beauty salon, and drawing a custom home. “I enjoy being able to offer my clients a product that is aesthetically pleasing yet functional,” explains Lori. “I enjoy working with the SolidWorks program because it allows you to model the parts in 3-D, put them together the way they would really be put together, and then make them move as they would move. It’s a lot of fun!”

It’s not surprising that Ellwood has such an affinity for drafting. “My mom always drew house plans as a hobby,” says Lori. “She had a lot of house plan books and was always dreaming about designing the perfect home. My father is an engineer, really interested in how things work. He was always taking things apart.”

Lori recently secured a job in the Drafting Department at Boomerang Systems, a local company that designs and builds automated parking systems. “You park your car in a garage bay and then a robot lifts the car into the parking garage. Boomerang Systems are pioneers in these robots which can go in any direction allowing free flowing traffic as cars come and go. A new area of growth for the company is automated storage units. A storage unit is moved to ground level so a person can put their possessions in it. The unit is then lifted and moved to another location which affords more efficient use of space,” explains Lori. “I draft 3-D models of each piece of the system so it can then be fabricated. I use both my architectural and mechanical drafting skills each day. It’s important to understand the function of something before it’s built. It all needs to work together seamlessly.”

“Bridgerland provided a way to get the skills I wanted quickly and allowed me to get a good job doing something I really enjoy.”

Andria Nelson

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

Program: Interior Design

Employment: Mileu Design

Andria first learned about BATC while attending Bear River High School where her favorite subject was art. “I’ve always loved creativity,” exclaims Andria. “BATC was a great fit for me because I love Interior Design and wanted to have a career in that field.”

Andria started the Interior Design Program at BATC in November of 2011 during her senior year and completed the program one month after she graduated from high school in May 2012. She literally earned her certificate tuition free and began her career before she graduated from high school.

Andria works at Mileu Design in Logan, Utah, where she focuses her skills on specification drawings for custom furniture. She was first hired on an internship basis while she was still in school and then as a full-time employee. Her employer decided to interview her because she was so impressed by her creative resume that she had designed for one of her assignments.

While a student, Andria entered and won a wallpaper design competition. (Design pictured below.) Her prize was a paid trip to the Las Vegas Design Market in February 2012. At market, Andria fell in love with design. She was inspired by the creativity displayed in furniture, rugs, accessories, and artwork.

Her instructor, Heidi Stephenson, says of Andria, “She is very focused and a hard worker who will always find success in life. Any employee would be lucky to have her on staff!”

Andria is currently earning a significantly higher wage than she could have obtained without her BATC training and has a job she LOVES! She feels lucky to have found a successful career choice so early on.

Kristen Oviatt

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

After graduating Cum Laude from Snow College, Kristen successfully found a job; but there was one problem – she hated it! Being part of the FFA and BadgerAg clubs, she understood working with animals was the one thing she was passionate about; and she knew she’d never be satisfied until she was working with animals on a daily basis.

Growing up in Providence she was acquainted with BATC, but it wasn’t until she decided to go back to College to train for the career she really loved that she decided to enroll. Living by the motto her Grandfather taught her – If' it's worth doing, it's worth doing right – she set her sights on changing her life. While working full time and attending College provided its share of challenges, Kristen stuck to it. According to Kristen, the best part of her decision, “I now have a job I LOVE in a place I LOVE. I am satisfied with my life, and I no longer dread going to work.”

While relocating to Moab with her three dogs and two cats seemed a bit overwhelming, Kristen is finally working in a job she loves at Moab Veterinary Clinic. She dreams of one day being a veterinarian; but in the meantime, she looks forward to going to work each and every day.

"The instructor is incredible! She inspired me, uplifted me, taught me, believed in me, and encouraged me. She is the most amazing instructor I have ever had!

For more information on the Veterinarian Assistant Pre-Vet Tech Program, click here or call Susan at (435) 750-3257.

Alyssa Owen

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

Program: Dental Assisting

Employment: Cache Valley Community Health Center

“My counselor mentioned taking courses from BATC during my senior year in high school. Once I investigated the available programs, I immediately knew Dental Assisting was something I wanted to try! I had a very positive experience taking Dental Assisting in high school. I loved the instructors and felt I could succeed in this field.” Alyssa attended Sky View High School where she graduated with honors in 2011. She received a full-tuition scholarship for Dental Assisting to BATC. “I worked during the summer after graduation and then returned to BATC in the fall. I have always enjoyed helping people and Dental Assisting is a great way to help people become more confident in their smile.”

Keeping up in school and doing your very best while working is a challenge for any student. My instructors helped me gain confidence in myself – to succeed as a student as well as in my career.”

“The training BATC provided me prepared and gave me the opportunity to find a job as a Dental Assistant. I am employed at Cache Valley Community Health Center. My employer knew that I was attending BATC. It made the decision to hire me easy!”

Alyssa grew up in Richmond and proclaims to have two amazing parents as well as two brothers and a sister. Alyssa enjoys snow skiing, fashion, hiking, and lists cliff jumping at Lake Powell the most frightening thing she’s ever done. “I live by the motto ‘live every day as if it were the last’. I believe if you live with this motto in mind you will have less regrets and what-ifs throughout life.”

“Bridgerland was the perfect fit for me. It paved the way for my career and gave me the confidence I needed to succeed. I know that my instructors were an important key to my success. They truly care about me and want me to be the best I can be.”

Cari Shakespeare

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

Program: American Sign Language - Interpreter

Employment: Cache County School District

Cari knew after high school she was going to college; because in her family, education is that important. Cari attended USU and BYU Hawaii graduating with a B.S. degree in Family, Consumer, and Human Development, but Cari found she couldn’t shake her desire to use the American Sign Language (ASL) skills she had learned in high school.

Luckily, while looking through the BATC Technically Speaking class schedule, Cari saw the new ASL-Interpreter program was taking applications; she applied and the rest is history. Cari was accepted into the program in August of 2010 and graduated in March. Her instructors knew early on she would excel in the program as she displayed a genuine love for the Deaf community and the personal dedication necessary to develop strong interpreting skills. She was often found putting in extra lab hours and volunteering for additional assignments. Cari understood succeeding in skill-based professions, like interpreting, can be daunting because simply completing a class doesn’t guarantee you’ll pass the licensing test.

Cari recently broadened her resume by interpreting at a weeklong conference “Close-Up” in Washington D.C. She flew to D.C. on her own and worked 14-hour days. “I met so many people – deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing – from all over the United States. What an incredible experience. I will remember it for the rest of my life.”

Most recently, Cari successfully passed the Utah State Interpreter Exam and was hired as an ASL-Interpreter for Cache County School District. She is excited to start her new career doing exactly what she loves most – using ASL to help people.

To find out more about the ASL-Interpreting Program, visit

Nate Reasch

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

Program: Fire & Rescue Services

Employment: West Jordan Fire Department

Nate began his studies at Utah State University in economics and realized he quickly needed to find a job that would support his family. His interest in “breaking stuff, repelling out of buildings, and watching live fire,” developed into a career when he found the Fire & Rescue Services Program at Bridgerland Applied Technology College. As Nate inquired about the Fire & Rescue Services Program, Jeremy Robertson, Assistant Director, answered his questions and Nate found himself immediately enrolled.

Nate finished his training in 2009 and loves his job at the West Jordan Fire Department. He enjoys the social aspect of firefighting and gets to work with amazing people in the industry. “The skills I learned, and the people I met at BATC became my direct path to getting hired. My instructors quickly became good friends. To be hired in the fire service it is essential to have good references. My instructors became my bridge to the workforce. I worked as hard as I could to prove my worth. They stood behind me and provided me the references I needed to be hired.” Jeremy, his instructor says, “Nate Reasch was a great student and one of the first to graduate from the RCA Program at BATC. He was immediately hired by the North Logan Volunteer Fire Department before starting his full-time firefighting career with the West Jordan Fire Department. Nate has stuck with his dream and has been successful in starting a promising career.”

Although it was a challenge to attend both Utah State and BATC simultaneously, Nate has reaped the benefits both financially and academically. “The training at BATC provides a career path that supports my family and also assists me in reaching my educational goals. I will be graduating from Utah State this year with a bachelor’s degree in economics with a Spanish minor, and I will start the master’s program in the fall. It would have been difficult to meet my educational goals without my firefighting career.”

As Nate looks forward to the future, he is excited about the technology advances being made in the fire service. He hopes to use his education both at BATC and USU to become an engineer and a captain. “I enjoy going to work and it gives me a lot of time to spend with my family.”

Michelle Whiting Jensen

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

Program: Cosmetology - Esthetician and Nail Technology

Employment: Owner, The Tanning Station

After graduating from Mountain Crest High School, Michelle attended Utah Valley State College, then Utah State University where she received her bachelors degree in Business and Family and Consumer Science. “I determined, however, that I wanted to give myself some additional career options as I wanted to have something that I could always do no matter where I lived or what things were happening in my life,” she explains.

Michelle likes to challenge herself every day by trying new things to better herself. She began the Nail Technician course in February of 2010 and completed in June that same year. When she became interested in eyelash extensions, and found she needed an Esthetician license, Michelle completed that program in September 2010. When asked what her dream job would be, she replied, “I’m doing it! I am the salon owner of The Tanning Station as well as a full-time nail tech and esthetician. This program has given me opportunities beyond my dreams!”

“I’m excited about the additional services I can now provide my clients because of my professional licensing and skills.”

Jasmine Chaltron

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

Program: Media Design

During high school Jasmine was involved in the school yearbook and multimedia publications where she began to dabble in Photoshop and photography. Her interest really blossomed! Each year she was given more responsibilities and opportunities to tap into her passion and hone her skills. By her sophomore year, Jasmine knew she wanted to work in art.

“I was really drawn to the self-paced environment at BATC. I’m driven and focused and hate waiting around for my classmates. I finished seven months early! Photoshop is my favorite software program. There are so many things you can do with it. Adobe Illustrator is a second favorite. I have been known to lose myself for hours on end, eyes glued to the computer screen, because I’m having so much fun,” giggles Jasmine.

“Minette Morris, my instructor, was always there for me both in and out of school. She really encouraged me to keep going and to be determined in achieving my goals. I’ve never seen a teacher be so involved and excited about my progress, success, and the opportunities before me. I really appreciate her,” exclaims Jasmine. “The skills that I have developed at BATC were an integral part of my being accepted to The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles. I begin my studies there in October of 2011, where I will complete my Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design.”

“Most people have no idea what they want to do,” declares Jasmine. “I’m lucky to have found my passion at an early age and am proud of what I’ve achieved so far. I keep pushing myself to learn and improve my skills and am determined to achieve my professional goals.”

Bret Lyman

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

Program: Practical Nursing

Employment: Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), Administrative Director

“After deciding that I wanted to become a nurse, BATC provided a pathway to achieve my goals, and opened doors for future education. BATC allowed me to maintain my residence and employment in Cache Valley while pursuing a career in nursing. My experience in the Practical Nursing Program at BATC was fantastic, and the faculty were truly inspirational! My instructors motivated me to continue my education and helped me develop the skills and confidence I needed to do so,” explains Bret.

After completing the Practical Nursing Program at BATC, Lyman determined he wanted to become the kind of nursing faculty member his instructors had been. Further education included an AS and BS in Nursing from Weber State University, an MS in Nursing Education at the University of Northern Colorado, and a PhD in Nursing Education from the University of Northern Colorado. “Within three years of completing the program at Bridgerland, I was teaching full-time in a baccalaureate nursing program,” says Lyman. Currently, Bret is a faculty member and serves as the Administrative Director at OHSU School of Nursing, a nationally-ranked institution, at the Monmouth Campus. Bret is very proud to be an alumni of BATC. “I have accomplished so many of my professional dreams – more than I ever thought possible. BATC’s Practical Nursing Program and staff made all of this possible for me!”

“I hope others will be able to have the same positive, life-changing experience that I had.” -Bret Lyman

Erin Buttars

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

Program: Business Technology

Employment: Hycomp

“I got the job! I completed the Business Technology Program and started my job the next morning.” Erin is a Purchasing Agent for Hycomp in Hyde Park, Utah. A local-based company that produces air compressors.

Erin is originally from Idaho and moved to Cache Valley at the age of four. She graduated from Logan South Campus where she was awarded ‘Top Senior’. “I graduated from beauty school then shifted gears and, at the age of 19, took a production job, which I worked for seven years. The work was fine but I wasn’t going anywhere. One day I just knew that education was what I needed in order to take my life where I wanted it to go. BATC was the perfect choice for me -- smaller classes, friendly caring staff and environment, and it wasn’t intimidating at all.”

“When I started the Business Technology Program I could barely type 19 words per minute and I had to watch my fingers. I now type 53 words per minute and love doing it.

“I attended school from 8 to 2:30 and worked from 3 to 11. It was very difficult! I had no time to do homework, was newly married, and never had time to see and spend time with my husband. I was able to secure a part-time job at the BATC Bookstore that enabled me to focus more on my studies and sweetheart.”

Last summer Erin and her husband purchased a home in Richmond. They love being in their own place. She exclaims, “We love fixing it up and knowing that the improvements we’ve made are ours.”

Erin is a people person and thrives on being busy and active. As a purchasing agent she works with vendors, people in the shop, and is being trained in all the positions in the purchasing department. This company is expanding and Erin would love to play a role in helping this company grow and succeed.

“Going back to school was a very difficult decision for me. I’m proud that I worked through that fear and did it. It has changed my life!”

Chelsey Ware

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

Program: Business Technology

Employment: LaMont Service, Office Manager

When Chelsey Ware was nearing completion of the Business Technology Program, her financial situation worsened and she feared she would not be able to graduate. Thanks to a scholarship opportunity from the Women in Business Organization, Chelsey graduated and found employment as an Office Manager at LaMont Service in Preston, Idaho.

Bitten with the educational bug, she continued her education receiving an Associate's Degree in Accounting from the University of Phoenix; and she is now working toward a Bachelor's Degree in Health Care Administration. “I utilize every skill I learned at BATC every day in my job. I truly believe if I did not attend BATC, I would not be where I am today. I have a great job, I have had the confidence to continue my education, and I could not be happier!”

Chelsey’s first-hand knowledge of how scholarship assistance changed her life inspired her to help create the Judy LaMont Foundation Scholarship. This new scholarship at BATC is in loving memory of her employer’s wife (Judy) who lost her courageous battle with cancer. Everyone at LaMont Service is excited about the opportunity to be awarding the first deserving female student with educational assistance while paying a precious tribute to the memory of a treasured wife and friend.

“A large chunk of my happiness I accredit to BATC and to everyone who helped me and taught me in the Business Department!”

Casey Bell

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

“I was involved in family businesses, liked the idea of business online, and could see that online was an emerging opportunity. However, working full-time, I could not afford to quit work so I could attend school. BATC appealed to me because of its flexibility and self-paced format.”

Casey enrolled in the e-Commerce program and completed the 1,200 hour program in under a year. As part of the curriculum, Casey interned at West Host putting his newly acquired skills to work. “The technical skills I developed at BATC transferred directly into my workplace.” His internship opportunity transformed into a full-time position where in the last 3½ years he has not only flourished but advanced into a role where he manages the corporate Web site and participates in important company discussions and management decisions.

Brian Chambers, Director of Operations of U-K2 Group, explained U-K2 Group is a large international hosting company, based out of London, who acquired several U.S. based hosting companies including West Host. Chambers explains, “Casey has been fantastic! He is ambitious, driven, and creative – the type of person we really like to find.”

Casey grew up in Providence and graduated from Mountain Crest High School. He attended two years at USU and two years at Dixie State before setting his sights on a career in e-Commerce. Casey admits to being non-techy in his personal life as he enjoys hunting, flying fishing, four-wheeling, and enjoying every moment of his daughter’s life – she is six months old.

"BATC’s e-Commerce program is technically ahead of the curve. Add to that amazing flexibility and manageable cost – I couldn’t have gone back to school or received this training any other way." -Casey Bell

Cody John

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

BATC Graduate Accepts Senior Engineering Position with Microsoft

Program: Information Technology

Graduating from Logan High School with a very high GPA, Cody John could go practically anywhere. After considering many other education and career options, he chose to enroll at Bridgerland Applied Technology College in the Information Technology Program. “I just always wanted to be a propeller-head,” he said of his choice. After only 18 months of training at BATC, his skill set qualified him for an exciting career at in Salt Lake City as a Windows System Engineer.

Cody entered the workforce earning nearly three times the salary of an entry-level school teacher. He was quickly promoted to Network Engineer and then Security Engineer. Cody’s training and abilities identified him early in his career as a strong IT professional, as companies like and Microsoft® vied for his talents. Cody and his wife Laci recently announced Cody accepted a highly coveted position as Senior Network Services Engineer with Microsoft® Corporation in Redmond, Washington.

Caitlyn Jenson

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

Program:Dental Assisting

Employment: Dental Assisting Instructor, BATC

“What I love most about my education with BATC is that everything I learned is useable. I have skills and knowledge that I use on a daily basis.”

Caitlyn grew up in Logan and graduated from Logan High School, where she was a guard and small forward on the girls basketball team. She is the youngest of three, and has a brother and sister. “I enjoy reading fiction & watching mystery-themed television shows (i.e. NCIS and Criminal Minds). I’d love to coach Jr. Jazz, but am afraid I missed the cut-off to apply this season.” Caitlyn admits to not being able to live without her video game gadgets.

She’s glad she came to BATC to earn her Dental Assisting Certificate. “It was hard in that I was already enrolled as a full-time student at USU working on an Exercise Science Degree – which I earned spring 2010. It was stressful managing both, but the flexibility BATC affords added to the ‘work at your own pace’ mentality, which made it all do-able.” She also contributes much of her success to caring instructors who advocated for and encouraged her every step of the way. “I attended classes at BATC Monday through Thursdays in the evenings from 4pm to 8pm or from 3 pm to 7pm. It took me a year to complete the program, not bad for just 16 hours per week!”

Caitlyn is currently working on her pre-requisite classes for Dental Hygiene. She’ll be sending in her applications as soon as fall grades are posted. “Right now I can’t decide whether to work as a hygienist or an instructor. I will, however, use my Dental Assisting skills to help me get through hygiene school!”

“Working in the dental profession is terrific. It’s a good solid career that is needed in every community. Not having to work weekends, evenings, or holidays is an added bonus! I was hired through the externship provided through the program and was also given an opportunity to teach at BATC.”

Alan Moses

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

Program: Automotive Service

Employment: Teton Toyota

“It’s only fitting that I would pursue a career as a Toyota Technician. I believe we currently own nine Toyota cars. I’m a Toyota man for life!”

Alan has always been interested in anything mechanical. He studied Mechanical Drafting his senior year at Snake River High School, and took Aviation Maintenance courses at Idaho State University. He began working at an automotive parts dealer while taking Engineering classes at USU. It became very clear to him in college that he wanted to work in the automotive industry. “I shifted gears, talked to Mike Nield about the BATC Automotive Service Program, and started three weeks after my initial visit.”

It was challenging and financially difficult for Alan to go back to school with a young family. He is the father of two girls and one boy. A job came open, however, enabling him to be a part time student in the morning and then work the rest of the afternoon.

Even as a part time student, Alan completed the program in a year. “My instructor, Mike Nield, loves the automotive industry and I really enjoyed everything I was learning.”

“It’s been five years since I started as a technician at Ensign Toyota. My instructor spoke with the service manager and recommended me for the job. After spending almost eighteen months at Ensign, I was offered a position with Hometown Motors in Ontario, Oregon, where I stayed for three and a half years. I recently took a job at Teton Toyota in Idaho Falls to be closer to my family.”

“I didn’t realize at the time how much starting at Ensign would shape my career. Toyota is a great manufacturer to work with. They expect a lot from their dealers who in turn expect a lot from their technicians. I continue to learn every day since leaving the classroom. It’s really a challenge to keep up with emerging technologies in today’s vehicles.”

“I want to thank you for giving me a solid foundation and a hands-up at a crucial time in my life. The skills I gained at BATC gave me the confidence I needed to start a whole new career. Thanks, BATC, for setting me on this path. It’s been a good five years.”

"Never give up on what you love to do -- and learn to do it better than anyone else."

Cassandra Rogowski

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

Program: Practical Nursing

After suffering a rare spinal cord stroke, Cassandra overcame the odds!

Cassandra Rogowski is looking forward to a rewarding career in the medical field. She knows all too well how frightening it can be to be a patient. On August 23, 2009, while beginning the second semester of the BATC Practical Nursing Program, Cassandra suffered a rare spinal cord stroke. “I was wheel chair bound for about a month — paralyzed from mid-chest down. If you pushed me, I’d fall over because my core muscles were gone. It was really frightening! Many told me I’d never walk again. Some of my care givers were completely unaware this kind of condition even existed. This experience has given me a whole new perspective I believe I can use to help others.”

“When I was paralyzed and very uncertain that I could keep going as a student, my instructors never gave up on me. They cared deeply about me, my situation, and were great advocates of my success. I’m also impressed with my classmates. Not only are they knowledgeable, but they have excellent skills, great compassion, and unwavering dedication. It’s inspiring to be in their midst and I think we help lift the bar of excellence for one another. BATC really does produce top notch, quality students. The unique training methods are a great mix of academics with hands-on expertise.”

Cassandra continues, “My goal is to become a Registered Nurse and work at Primary Children’s Hospital. I am so rewarded whenever I can put a smile on a child’s face or calm his or her fears. Because of my own personal health experiences, I think I have a special understanding and empathy I can draw on to help children and their parents have hope and believe in a better tomorrow.”

While never wanting to go through an ordeal such as this again, “It has made me a better person,” explains Cassandra. “I’m proud that I didn’t give up. While I still can’t feel the majority of my right leg, heat, cold, or pain; I keep telling my doctor ‘100 percent recovery!’ I’ve come a long way and strive to do my best every day.”

"People can accomplish some pretty amazing things when they have hope and put their whole heart and mind to it." -Cassandra Rogowski

Tonya Egbert

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

Program: Fashion Merchandising

Employment: Maurices

Tonya began the high school Fashion Merchandising program the summer before her Junior year on the recommendation of her older sister, a former fashion student. “I took advantage of two summer sessions and also attended during regular school hours my junior and senior years. I worked quickly through the high school curriculum and then said, “This is great! What’s next?”

Tonya continued through the adult curriculum and will graduate with the other post high school students at the December 2009 graduation ceremonies. She has worked hard to complete both the high school and adult programs while working in the industry. “It has been a challenge to keep up with everything, but I’ve enjoyed it. I found that it forced me to keep my responsibilities organized.”

Tonya is a sales associate at Maurices – a position she has held since July 2008. “I did an internship with them and during that experience they put me through their Management Training program.” She plans to continue her career at Maurices full-time once she graduates from Mountain Crest this May.

Tonya, a Mountain Crest High School student, is elated that she had the opportunity to complete the entire adult Fashion Merchandising certificate during high school. “I have saved myself a full year and approximately $2,000!”

Andrew Howard

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

Program: Professional Truck Driving (CDL)

Employment: Werner Enterprises

Andrew says, "I'm now a Net Op for Werner and run between Salt Lake City and Cheyenne. I love it! The money is decent and I get to spend more time with my family. I'm glad I chose BATC to get my CDL; they have given me tools for my success."

Andrew was recognized for excellence by Werner Enterprises. "Werner Enterprises takes extreme pride in knowing that year after year we continue to put on the road the safest, most productive, professional fleet of drivers. We appreciate your staff for the outstanding job you did in helping prepare one of your former students to become a Werner Enterprises team member and to be recognized as one of the most professional drivers on the road today."

Edward 'Ted' Chalfant

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

Program: Real Estate
Employment: Real Estate Agent, @ Home Realty Network

When the physical limitations of being a brick mason with titanium shoulders got to be too much, Ted Chalfant decided he needed a new career. Real Estate seemed like a natural fit with twenty five years of construction background and expertise. After looking into several licensing schools and online programs, Ted, and his wife Stephanie, signed up to take the 90-hour, pre-licensing course at BATC. Ted says, "I wanted more interaction with the instructors than I could get with an online course. I wanted to get more out of the class than just the ability to pass the state licensing test.”

The BATC course fit the bill. It was a great mix of instructors, hands-on experience, practical applications, and scenarios – just what Ted and Stephanie were looking for. They signed up to take the winter session, which ran January through March 2008 and were licensed on May 1. An agent with @ Home Realty, Ted has been one of the six ‘top volume’ agents in the Logan office, inspite of the weakened economy. Ted figured if he could sell one home a month he’d be lucky and pleased. In the last two months he has closed on 12 homes!

Ted and Stephanie have also taken advantage of the continuing education courses offered at BATC. The format, facility, and instruction were “far superior of other continuing education courses,” says Ted.

“A career in real estate is a hard one. You must be very motivated, knowledgeable, and have excellent communication and people skills.” Ted continues, “It’s a lot harder than most people who enter the field anticipate, but worth every bit of the effort.”

Cole Checketts

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

Program: Meat Services
Credential: BATC Certificate of Proficiency
Employment: Clark’s Market, Assistant Manager

"Anybody want to move to Colorado?" was the question that put Cole Checketts on the career path he is currently enjoying. This Cache Valley native began the Meat Services Program as a Mountain Crest senior and was granted a scholarship for the full-time program. After serving a mission in South Dakota, Cole was anxious to get back to BATC and develop skills that would provide job security for his future. "Everyone needs to eat, right?"

Cole survived a grueling schedule of six hours in class Monday through Friday followed by an eight hour shift in the Meat Department at Macey’s until 10 or 11 each night. “Not much of a social life, but I figured I would work hard during the week then relax and have fun on the weekends. I really wanted to keep my scholarship, and the discipline I developed because of my strict schedule was good for me.” Cole completed the full-time program in nine months.

Cole now works as the Assistant Manager in the Meat Department of Clark’s Market in Telluride, Colorado, a resort town in the southwest part of the state. “Lots of perks working in this area! Our busy time is November through March and then again June through September. We get to enjoy great skiing, film festivals, blue grass festivals, etc.”

His advice to teenagers and young adults, “Take advantage of every opportunity to gain a skill. It’s something of great value you’ll have your entire life. Learn all you can and never give up!”

Sarah Grange

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

Program: Interior Design
Credential: BATC Certificate of Proficiency
Employment: Flaire, Owner

"I've always been driven to design - it's my passion! Several years ago my husband and I were building a home and both attending the university. We simply couldn't afford it; so as heartsick as I was, I put my schooling there on hold," explains Sarah Grange, owner of a design company called Flaire.

Looking for another avenue, Sarah found the Interior Design Program at BATC very affordable! "Bridgerland fulfilled my need to learn and be creative," says Sarah. The flexibility BATC offers was perfect. She could attend classes while keeping her job working for Black Eyed Susan, a store her grandmother owned. The scholarship she was awarded at BATC allowed her to finish her studies.

“You get from BATC exactly what you put into it. If you want it, you can find it and achieve it here!” Sarah further explained that she loved the self-paced environment. She feels it was a great experience and a dose of reality for the real world. You have to push yourself in order to make your dreams come true.”

“My skills afford me the luxury of working for myself while also focusing on being a mother.” Sarah and her husband, a Construction Manager, have a two year old daughter and are expecting a second daughter in March of 2009. “I need to be creative in order to be happy and fulfilled.”

Isabell Navarro

Posted By: Emily Hobbs

Program: Heavy Equipment Operator

Isabell Navarro was devastated when she was told
her job at La-Z-Boy would no longer exist. Down,
but certainly not out, this young mother took the
reins of her life and fought back. While scouring
through dozens of college materials, the Heavy
Equipment Operator Program at BATC struck an
exciting cord with her. One of three daughters,
who changed her first starter at the age of four, has
never forgotten her father’s advice to her, “Honey,
it’s not a girls’ world. Be focused, stay motivated,
and keep pushing yourself.”

So keep pushing she did. Discouraged by the
difficulty of making her unemployment check
stretch to keep up with everyday expenses,
and tempted to quit school and get a job, this
independent and capable young woman stayed
true to her goal.

She gets a twinkle in her eye when she explains
her son’s enthusiasm and sense of pride in his
mom’s accomplishments. Three-year old Clayton
is often quick to say, “My mom can drive an
excavator!” What makes her most proud is his
proclamation, “I want to be just like my mom!”