About the Program:

Practical NursingNursing is an art and a science. The art of nursing is embedded in human caring. The science of nursing requires specialized knowledge, critical thinking abilities, and technical skills. The practical nurse is a valuable and essential member of the health care team contributing to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of nursing care under the direction of a registered nurse, licensed physician, or other specified health care professional as defined by the Utah State Nurse Practice Act.

Practical Nursing education at Bridgerland Applied Technology College is accomplished through continuous, sequential instruction, which progresses from simple to complex concepts and theories. Theory and skills are taught concurrently and utilized immediately, first in a simulated lab setting, then in health care facilities under the supervision of clinical faculty.

Accreditation: The Practical Nursing Program is State Board approved and fully accredited through the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc.(ACEN), 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, GA 30326, 404.975.5000, www.nlnac.org.

Steps for Applying:

  • Complete all 7 prerequisite/pre-admission courses with a "C" or above and a minimum accumulative GPA of 3.0 for those courses. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that prerequisite and pre-admission courses are complete and official transcripts submitted prior to application deadlines (June 1 for Fall Semester and November 1 for Spring Semester).
  • Take BATC's PN assessment exam and include the test clearance paper with your application. For an appointment, call the Assessment Center at 435-750-3188. Test scores are good for one year. Allow time to receive your test clearance paper.
  • Include official college transcripts in sealed envelopes for the prerequisite/pre-admission courses.
  • Submit your completed application (found in the Downloads section below) to the nursing secretary on or before the application deadlines.

Prerequisite Courses:

Utah State University, Weber State University, or other regionally accredited university or college equivalent
  • USU BIOL 2060 - Microbiology (WSU MICRO 1113)
  • USU BIOL 2420 - Human Physiology (WSU ZOOL 2200)
  • USU BIOL 2320 - Human Anatomy (WSU ZOOL 2100 or HTHS 1110/1111 Biomedical Core or HTHS 1105/1106)
  • USU NDFS 1020 - Nutrition (WSU NFS 1020)
  • USU PSY 1010 - Psychology (WSU PSY 1010)

Pre-Admission Courses:

Bridgerland Applied Technology College
  • Drug Dosages & Calculations
  • Medical Terminology

NOTE about Prerequisite and Pre-Admission Courses:

The nursing program does not time-out courses. However, you may only take prerequisite and pre-admission courses a maximum of twice within five years of applying to be considered as a candidate for the PN Program.

Prerequisite and pre-admission courses must be completed with a "C" grade or higher.

A minimum accumulative prerequisite and pre-admission course GPA of 3.0 is required to be eligible for admission into the program.

Point Selection System:

An independent selection committee reviews completed applications and objectively selects the 24 nursing student candidates with the top scores. Also, alternates are selected should one of the 24 students choose not to participate in the program. We do not keep a waiting list.
  • Resident of Bear River Region (Cache, Rich, or Box Elder County).....1
  • Previous Alternate to BATC's PN Program.....2
  • Previous Applicant to BATC's PN Program.....1
  • GPA for Support Courses.....5-11
  • Health Care Work/Volunteer Experience.....2
  • Full-time 6 months or Part-time for 1 year (2 points)
    3 months or more full- or part-time (1 point)
  • Health Care Training: Current CNA or MA Certification.....1
  • Academic Experience: Baccalaureate or Associate Degree Awarded.....1
  • Professional Goal Statement.....1
  • Reference Evaluation Forms.....3
  • Maximum Points Possible.....22

The points you may assign yourself are not necessarily the points that the selection committee will assign your application.

The Practical Nursing Program can only accommodate a limited number of candidates per session. Therefore, there can be no guarantee of admission even when prerequisite courses are successfully completed. Applications are reviewed by an objective selection process without regard to race, religion, sex, ethnic background, age, or disability status so far as it is safe for the student and the client in their care.

Acceptance and successful progression through the Practical Nursing Program is contingent upon willingness to complete required immunizations, results of a Federal criminal background check, and random drug screen(s).

Semester 1
Fundamentals of Nursing
Caring for the Client Requiring Drug Therapy
Human/Workplace Relations
Clinical Applications 1
Semester 2
Caring for the Adult
Caring for the New Family
Employment Preparation for the Practical Nurse
Clinical Applications II
Upon completion of the Practical Nursing Program the student may be eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN).

RN Program located at BATC!

BATC and Weber State University (WSU) are pleased to announce a contractual agreement for a Practical Nursing to Registered Nursing (PN to RN) Program on BATC's Logan Campus. Only for currently enrolled PN students at BATC, or former BATC PN graduates. If admitted to this program, students are enrolled at WSU but take nursing courses at BATC. Students take any other prerequisite or support courses they may need at the WSU campuses.

For more information, contact Rob Holt at rholt@weber.edu or visit Weber State University's PN to RN Program page.

Employment Outlook:

Practical NursingNursing is an exciting and challenging career that can offer you endless possibilities! Your nursing career can take you anywhere from the patient’s bedside to the chief executive officer of the hospital. As a nurse you may be assisting with the birth of an infant or holding the hand of an elderly patient as they leave this world. Nurses work in a variety of settings including: long-term care facilities, hospitals, public health agencies, clinics, government agencies, private businesses, home health, and the list goes on and on. Nursing offers opportunity to care for people across the continuum of life. A career in nursing is like a roller coaster ride filled with excitement, challenges, and new opportunities just around the next curve. That’s why the National Student Nursing Association has termed nursing, “The Ultimate Adventure.”

e-Learning Components:

Online courses and/or blended components are available in this program. Blended learning courses are courses that combine face-to-face instruction with online elements. Contact an instructor for details regarding online availability.

Brenda Zarate is married and mother to four children. On top of this, she works full-time. It was difficult for her to come to classes, but she is very happy that she made the choice to return to school. She is excited to further her education.

Her plan is to eventually become a registered nurse. She plans to apply for BATC’s PN program, become a licensed practical nurse, and be accepted into the new RN program through Weber State University at BATC.

The best thing that Brenda enjoys about the CNA class is that it is hands-on. If she doesn't understand something, her instructor will work with her until she gets it. She loves clinicals as well, saying that “they are pretty awesome.”

She is very thankful for being awarded this scholarship, and will never forget that she received it. She says that it is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her, and that she and her family are very grateful for this award.

“Brenda is very enthusiastic and positive about the CNA program. She is very eager, willing, and excited to learn new skills.” -Shawna Peterson, CNA Instructor


Required Hours


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Program Details:
Quick Facts

Nursing, Practical

Approx. Program Length:

10.5 mos (not including prerequisite/preadmission courses)

Approx. Tuition:

$1,628.00 Details

Approx. Fees:

Approximate TOTAL cost for the PN Program is $3,929.50, which includes tuition, fees, books, supplies, uniforms, drug screens, background check, immunizations, educational workshops, and graduation expenses.

Est. Books & Supplies:

See downloads section to the left for information.

Federal Financial Aid:


Program Requirements:

Assessment: Basic reading, basic math, language mechanics, language expression, and drug dosages. Prospective students must successfully complete the basic academic assessment and provide a copy of the Assessment Center letter and score sheet with his/her completed application. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (435) 750-3188.

The purpose of the assessment test is not to preclude entry into the program, but to ensure success upon enrollment. The test takes approximately three hours to complete, and competency must be demonstrated in reading, language, math, and aptitude for nursing.

Individuals must apply for admission into the program. Clinical courses require travel to Logan, Brigham City, Tremonton, and occasionally Salt Lake City areas. A non-refundable $50 background check fee is required and must be completed before class begins. In addition, drug screens are a requirement of this program.

Hours Available:
High School Students:

Not Available

Adult Students:

M - F: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Offered Spring and Fall Semesters
Some early morning and evening clinicals required.

Logan Main Campus
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