About the Program:

RCA Program

BATC Fire LogoFirefighters are highly skilled, adventurous, and heroic. This hands-on program prepares students to obtain employment in one of the most rewarding fields out there. Certified and highly trained instructors provide instruction that goes far beyond the textbook. This program utilizes a state-of-the-art Fire Training Center, providing real world experiences that prove to be the highlight of the program!

Getting Started:
  1. Meet with Fire and Rescue Services Recruit Candidate Academy (RCA) advisor. (See Program Faculty at the bottom right of this page for contact information.)
  2. Complete "Introduction to Fire and Rescue Services" course with a C+ or better.
  3. Provide documentation of English and math competency or take COMPASS assessment. To schedule an assessment date, please call (435) 750-3188.

  4. Minimum English competency: Obtain COMPASS Writing/DRP scores of 80+/77+, or ACT English/ACT Reading scores of 19+/19+, or ACT English/ACT Composite scores of 19+/19+, or SAT English score of 500+, or completion of ENGH 0990 or higher with a C+ or better. ACT or SAT reports and/or college grades may not be older than 10 years, unless a student has completed a degree.
    Minimum Math competency: Obtain COMPASS Pre-Algebra score of 70+, or ACT mathematics score of 17+, or SAT mathematics score of 450+, or completion of MAT 0990 or higher with a C+ or better, ACT or SAT reports and/or college grades may not be older than 10 years, unless a student has completed a degree.

    What's on the COMPASS assessment? Check out practice questions at compasstestquestions.com

  5. Pass the following:
    • CPAT fitness test between the start of the "Introduction" class and before the end of the RCA class. (Contact RCA Advisor for test dates.)
    • RCA Doctors physical up to 6 months before start of RCA class.
    • UTAH BEMS background check. (Contact an RCA Advisor for details.)
  6. Provide proof of health insurance during RCA class.
  7. Hold a valid Driver License.
  8. Other recommended courses for employment: EMT- Basic, EMT-Intermediate, Wildland Firefighter I.
class schedule

Affiliated Training

For additional information and the next scheduled class, see the Downloads section at the bottom, or please contact Bryan Davies at (435) 770-1626.
  • Firefighter I
  • Firefighter II
  • Fire Instructor I
  • Fire Instructor II
  • Fire Inspector I
  • Fire Officer I
  • Fire Origin and Cause Determination
  • Hazardous Materials - Awareness
  • Hazardous Materials - Operations - WMD
  • Hazardous Materials - Technician
  • Apparatus Driver Operator - Pumper
  • Apparatus Driver Operator - Aerial
  • NWCG Wildland Firefighting (S-131, S-211, S-212, S-215, S-230, S-231, S-290, etc.)
  • Wildland Firefighter I (Red Card)
  • Additional courses may be offered depending on demand.

    Employment Outlook:

    Fire and Rescue ServicesEvery year, fires and other emergencies take thousands of lives and destroy property worth billions of dollars. Although firefighting is highly competitive, the program at BATC has proudly placed 99 percent of our graduates. In addition to putting out fires, climbing ladders, and carrying hoses, firefighters typically treat victims and perform other vital life-saving or civil service functions while working in teams. This field offers many opportunities for advancement, including fire inspector, investigator, hazardous materials or rescue specialists, captain, etc. Due to the nature of the work, this is a career that will always need skilled and qualified workers.

    "The BATC RCA graduating class is a great resource for the City of North Logan to hire trained certified firefighters and emergency medical technicians. We have used this resource many times and have hired several graduating students who now run day to day emergency calls for our city. Without this program, it would take a lot of time and money to have the same results and dedication that is accomplished in months at BATC" -Chief Jon Keller, North Logan Fire Department

    e-Learning Components:

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    Required Hours

    • Firefighter Recruit Candidate Academy   COURSE INFO
      860 hrs


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    Program Details:
    Quick Facts

    Fire & Rescue Services

    Approx. Program Length:

    12 mos

    Approx. Tuition:

    $1,505.00 Details

    Approx. Fees:

    Approximate TOTAL cost for RCA class is $3,677, which includes tuition, fees, books, and equipment.

    Est. Books & Supplies:

    View details here

    Federal Financial Aid:


    Program Requirements:

    Clinical courses may require travel.
    Students must:

    • Be 18 years of age at the time of certification
    • Be in good physical condition
    • Not have serious medical or psychological problems that would limit the ability to perform strenuous and stressful job duties
    • Have good work ethics
    The physical strength and endurance demands associated with training and on-the-job use of current firefighting equipment for essential firefighting operations include lifting, carrying, and pulling of objects; climbing; crawling; running; and hoisting. Physical agility requires upper body strength, aerobic conditioning, and flexibility. Students will be exposed to dark rooms, confined spaces, and extreme heat and cold.

    Hours Available:
    High School Students:

    See e-Learning Components for the ONLINE Introduction to Fire & Rescue Services course.

    Adult Students:

    Applications Due: July 20, and classes begin in August
    Tu W Th: 4-10 pm, Sat: 8-5 pm

    Logan West Campus
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