Student of the Month for May
Program: Dental Assisting

Keri is from the town of Preston, Idaho. She is currently living there and finds happiness in photography, hiking, fishing, hunting, and all kinds of sports. She has three brothers and a sister-in-law that are all very close to her. Before attending Bridgerland, Keri went to a private school named Glenn J. Kimber Academy. She was able to graduate from her private high school at the age of 15 and get a great head start in life by starting at Bridgerland as an adult student being only 16 years old.

Throughout her youth, Keri has always been very motivated and focused on accomplishing the goals she has set. In high school, she had excellent academic achievement. Her favorite subject was history. “There’s a saying, and it is, ‘Those that do not study history are doomed to repeat it.’ I cannot begin to explain how true that is,” she said. She has been extremely committed to anything and everything that she sets her mind to.

After high school, Keri had two jobs that she worked through the summer and partly into the winter. When she turned 16, she decided she wanted to go back to school. When explaining her decision to come to Bridgerland, she said, “I knew Bridgerland was the place for me because in Dental Assisting it’s all self-motivated and self-governed. When I visited the classroom, all the instructors seemed like so much fun and that they really cared about their students. The atmosphere was pulling and I did not want to leave!”

As she has worked through the program, she has put forth all of her effort. Her instructors and fellow students have great things to say about her. Although she had times that were hard in the class, she learned from them and it has propelled her to greatness.

“The best part about BATC is that it is set up to simulate real life. All of the accomplishments, everything I have job-related is due to Bridgerland and the excellent training that I received there,” she said. Certainly Keri is a motivated woman and will continue to accomplish great things as she furthers her education and seeks out opportunities. Keep it up Keri!
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