The Utah College of Applied Technology (UCAT) is the parent organization for Utah’s eight regional applied technology colleges, including Bridgerland Technical College. Established by the State of Utah, UCAT provides market-driven technical education through eight ATCs meeting the needs of Utah’s employers for skilled workers.

Recently, the Herald Journal sat down with UCAT Commissioner Dr. David R. Woolstenhulme to discuss the many wonderful programs that Bridgerland Technical College can offer to their students.

Excerpts from the Interview: 

"Q: What excites you about what’s going on at our technical colleges versus USU?
A: I don’t think it’s “versus USU.” I think education is important regardless of where it’s at. But I think students need different pathways. The thing that really excites me about the technical colleges is the fact that we’re always trying to meet the needs of the workforce and industry. Students can come in to BATC or technical colleges, quick turnaround, get to work.
But one of the things that’s even more exciting than that is stackable credentials. What that means is taking a certificate at a (Utah System of Higher Education) institution or a technical college, moving that certificate into an associate’s or an applied science degree and then into a bachelor’s degree.
The university worked very hard at making a pathway. Actually, they just got a degree approved by the Board of Regents in general technology that that pathway leads right through. So, students can start here, go to work, make money, but it’s not a dead-end road."

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