Student of the Month for April
Program: Culinary Arts

Ellie Dalton is from a small town in Idaho called Shoshone. Her and her family raise Red Angus cattle and sheep. Previous to attending Bridgerland, Ellie went to The College of Southern Idaho and Utah State University. When we asked her why she decided to attend BATC she said, “I decided to attend Culinary Arts at BATC over Christmas break two years ago. Cooking had always been a dream of mine.” Ellie is now working at her dreams through our Culinary Arts program.

As a youth, she participated in 4-H, FFA, basketball, cross-country, track, swim team and softball. As a student she was involved with the Entrepreneurship Club, AgComm Club, Young Farmers and Ranchers, Animal Science Club and the Statesman. “I really like being involved and having an interactive learning experience,” she said. It is very clear that Ellie is a very ambitious woman who knows how to accomplish her goals.

Ellie has always had the spirit of an entrepreneur and has found her experience at BATC a good step in becoming a business owner. “I fully expect myself to be the owner and operator of EDD’s Bread and Rockin’ Heart Ranch,” she said. She certainly has found baking to be her passion and has wonderful plans to pursue that.

She will be starting an internship with the local 4-H program and is very excited for that opportunity. She is planning to go on to get her cottage license for her kitchen so she can sell baked goods. We asked her what she plans to do after graduation and she responded, “I have one year left to earn my bachelor’s degree from USU, so I plan to return there once I have residency so I can finish that.”

Ellie has loved the self-paced program and the flexibility of the schedule. “I love that you can customize your experience here,” she said. “BATC has helped me understand the fundamentals of cooking and baking and has given me plenty of experience to have confidence to explore new areas of food that interest me.

With the life motto, “It will all work out,” it is clear that Ellie has a positive attitude and will continue to accomplish great things. Way to go Ellie!
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