Student of the Month for March
Program: Business Technology

Lori came to Bridgerland after the company she worked at for 16 years closed down. She learned that there was an opportunity to return to school and decided to enroll in the Business Technology program. “Although I was terrified, I was also excited to start a new adventure,” she commented.

Returning to school was an adjustment for Lori after being in the workforce. When asked about her biggest challenge, she said “I had to ‘learn how to learn’ and figure out what worked for me as a student. I was an independent study in high school, so this was different than anything I’ve experienced before.”

During her time in the program, Lori loved the challenge of learning new information, developing her skills, and proving to herself that she could be a successful student and employee. When asked how her instructors helped her along the way, she said, “They give honest feedback and encouragement. It wasn’t walking into a brick wall coming to class every day. They all listen, they care about us as students, and they care about their jobs. It was an amazing experience.”

Lori stood out to her instructors because of her unmatched work ethic, willingness to push herself to gain new knowledge and skills, and her talent for solving analytical business problems. Her instructor, Madlyn Huber, had this to say about Lori: “She is the total package! As a non-traditional student, she has succeeded in a huge way and gained the confidence she deserves to have. She communicates clearly and gets along well with instructors and peers. I have never had to worry about her honesty, integrity, or progress. She is going to be the perfect employee for some lucky boss.”

When asked how her time at Bridgerland has benefitted her the most, she said “I feel better as a person. I feel more intelligent, skilled, and my self-esteem is greater than it used to be.” With her newfound confidence, knowledge, and skills that are in demand, her future certainly looks bright.

Lori lives her life according to Mark A. Cooper’s words: “Life has no remote. Get up and change it yourself.” In her spare time, she enjoys metal detecting, enjoying her dogs, and spending time with her nieces and nephew.

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