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Technical Education

Technical education encompasses a tremendous variety of programs designed to equip students with career and life skills. At the national level, applied technology education programs are offered by some 26,000 high schools, community colleges, and technical institutions. Each year, millions of adults enroll in technical programs to acquire basic work skills, retrain for new jobs, and keep up with changing technological requirements of the workplace.

Our Mission

The mission of the Bridgerland Applied Technology College is to deliver competency-based, employer-guided career and technical education to both secondary and post-secondary students through traditional and technology-enhanced methodologies. This hands-on technical education provides occupational education, skills training, and workforce development to support the educational and economic development of the Bear River Region.


Bridgerland Applied Technology College is accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education (COE).

7840 Roswell Road, Building 300, Suite 325 Atlanta, GA 30350,
(800) 917-2081 or (770) 396-3898
Web site: www.council.org

In addition, our programs are accredited by national and state programmatic commissions, see program pages for details.


Bridgerland Applied Technology College {BATC} is one of the eight applied technology college campuses in the state of Utah. It was officially organized under the State Board of Vocational Education and funded by appropriations from the Utah State Legislature in January of 1971. A special session of the Utah State Legislature in June 2001 restructured the governance of this campus and established Bridgerland Applied Technology College, a Utah College of Applied Technology {UCAT} Campus.

Bridgerland Applied Technology College programs generally feature an open-entry / open-exit competency-based individualized learning and teaching model. This model is a progressive educational tool unique to the Utah College of Applied Technology and its campuses.

Advisory Committees

Each program at BATC has an advisory committee composed of active, concerned members who work cooperatively with instructors, administrators, and governing boards to improve the quality of applied technology education programs. These committees are made up of volunteers chosen from the community to serve as advisors to our educational programs.   

Occupational advisory committees provide close involvement of knowledgeable persons from the business and industry community; they are essential to the establishment and operation of technical education programs. Members provide information to update, modify, expand, and/or improve the applied technology program according to the educational, economic, social, and cultural needs of the community.

Nearly 300 members are actively serving on BATC advisory committees!

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