Foundation Scholarship & Donations

The Foundation Scholarship was developed by the Foundation Board and is periodically offered for students enrolled/enrolling in a BATC preparatory program. For more information on this scholarship and others, visit the Financial Aid & Scholarships page or call (435) 750-3204 or (435) 750-3114. To donate to the Foundation Scholarship, visit



The mission of the Bridgerland Applied Technology College Foundation is to help support institutional financial and material needs by promoting the College within our service region.

How Do We Help?

  • Receive donations of equipment or financial support
  • Provide scholarships to BATC students
  • Communicate to and with local, state, and federal decision makers regarding issues related to BATC advancement

Board Members

  • Lisa Balling, Non-Voting Member
  • Marion Bentley, Trustee
  • Jane Binns, Trustee
  • Glenna Boyce, Trustee
  • Bunny Campbell, Trustee
  • John Davidson, Non-Voting Member
  • Harry Gephart, Trustee
  • Kathy Heninger, Trustee
  • BJ Hull, Trustee
  • Lindsay Hull, Trustee
  • Jim Kemp, Chairman/Trustee
  • Joel Larson, Trustee
  • Terry Oliver, Trustee
  • Gloria Peterson, Non-Voting Member
  • Bruce Rigby, Trustee
  • Brandon Smith, Trustee
  • Brad Sorenson, Non-Voting Member
  • Ward Taylor, Trustee
  • Spencer Ward, Trustee
  • David Watts, Trustee
  • Jim White, Non-Voting Member