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4/16/14 • BATC Department Head Develops Worldwide Curriculum
Paul James, Department Head for Apprenticeship, CDL, and Heavy Equipment Operator at BATC, was part of the Authoring Team for the NCCER Heavy Equipment Operations Third Edition textbook, a Pearson publication used worldwide. The curriculum for the textbook was revised as a result of the leadership of dedicated industry professionals from Bridgerland Applied Technology College (BATC), Carolina Bridge Company LLC, Caterpillar Inc., KBR Inc., Saiia Construction Company LLC, Skyview Construction and Engineering Inc., and Southland Safety LLC.

Paul has always loved working in the construction and maintenance field, which he has done for over 30 years. He says, “I am proud to serve as a subject matter expert for the development of the Heavy Equipment Operator program. NCCER relies heavily on industry experts to make sure their training programs meet industry standards. They are continually looking to improve the materials that have national recognition and widely accepted credentials.”

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Student Highlights

4/8/14 • Chase McMurdie
Program: Pharmacy Technician

"Chase is top of his class at 99.7%. He is always happy, kind, and polite to everyone. His hard work, intelligence, and determination to know what he needs to do to get it right are all great traits to have in the pharmaceutical industry." -Melissa Snyder

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