Do you want to know why we LOVE working at BATC? We get to see, and hear, amazing stories of students receiving great jobs and accomplishing incredible things! These are a few of our recent favorites:

  • From the community: “I sent a client to BATC last summer who was struggling with a divorce. The only job she could find with insurance benefits was a lunch-lady position with the school district; however, it only paid minimum wage and lasted nine months out of the year. As you could imagine, things were a little tight for her and her children. She asked if I thought she could qualify for grants, in order to attend USU and pursue a four year degree. I suggested she consider one of your certificate programs, in order to complete in a shorter amount of time that also complied with her financial situation. Three months and $350 later she passed the CNA program and found a job where she made an extra $10,000 last year. She has now been offered a full-time position with benefits that will nearly double her income. Your program and staff really helped her to gain her confidence and dignity back. BATC has the power and ability to change people's lives.”

March 26, 2015
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Student Highlights

Chantel Quinn

Student of the Month
for March (Brigham)

Business Technology

"Chantel is an amazing addition to the Business Program. She comes to school ready to take on new challenges and maintains a positive viewpoint on life. Her driving motivation is her 15-month-old daughter Lucy for whom she wants to provide a bright future. Chantel is friendly and respectful to her peers and instructors."

- Kristen Bogue, Instructor

March 17, 2015
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