Fashion in New York

The BATC Fashion Merchandising program went on their annual trip to New York City, June 8-13.  Every year this trip provides a great opportunity for students who are interested in pursuing fashion further, to visit the fashion capital of the United States and all it has to offer in areas of education, history, architecture and even entertainment.  This year was no different.  Students covered the city from top to bottom, literally walking the soles of their shoes off, on the streets of the city to become familiar with the subway system, between each stop on the itinerary.  

Not only did the students take in general “tourist” sights of the city such as Time Square, Rockefeller Center, 5th Avenue, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, etc., but they also were able to participate in some very special fashion oriented stops along the way.

July 06, 2015
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Student Highlights

Maria Garcia

“Maria is the type of person who will always give 100% of herself to anything she attempts.  She is prepared and prompt; knowledgeable and caring; always assisting others with a smile on her face; and grateful for every opportunity to learn and grow.”

June 01, 2015
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