STEM Academy Gains Momentum

BATC hosted its first high school teacher training session to prepare CTE teachers from Box Elder, Bear River, Logan, Mt. Crest, Sky View, and Rich high schools for the first year of curriculum in the BATC STEM Academy program.  The teachers had the opportunity to become familiar with all of the labs for the first-year instruction that will be taught through the UEN broadcast system.  Thanks to a grant by the STEM Action Center last year, students at each high school and three BATC locations will be able to attend at 7:00 a.m. every day and work on completing a 900-hour STEM certificate.  Once completed, students will have several pathways to choose from, including 30 credits applying toward the AAS Associates degree at USU, participating in internship opportunities that can lead directly to immediate employment in industry, and more advanced BATC certificates that translate into higher wage opportunities.  Although the STEM Academy is not a direct pathway to an engineering degree, it is great preparation!

July 27, 2015
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Student Highlights

Olivia Huff

Student of the Month
for July (Logan)

“Olivia is an OUTSTANDING student and person.  Very meticulous, thorough, creative, dependable, and extremely hard working.  She is not only professional but extremely polite and kind to all of her fellow students and instructors.  Her personality and talent shine through in everything she does and she’s an absolute pleasure to be around!”  -Hailey Christensen, Instructor

July 07, 2015
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